Spirit Airlines Cancelled Flights Today

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How Often Does Spirit Cancel Flights?

From fewer years, Spirit airlines have been popular among the passengers not for only its top-rated traveling services even also due to its flight schedule or services. But since Bob Fornaro seating on the CEO post in early 2016, Spirit airlines has tried to improve its service whether its customer service or any other. It obtains a bad reputation over the past few years, but Spirit airlines have dramatically improved into their on-time arriving and departure schedule.

Spirit airlines have forced to cancel more than 250+ flights since the beginning of May in which 10% are from the schedule. As per Spirit airlines, it has been happening due to the irresponsible work and varied strikes performed by the Spirit airlines that main cause is a new contract that not according to the pilots.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Rate

In the starting months of the year 2017, the overall operational performance of Spirit airlines changed effectively. But during the month of early May, the trend almost changed and the flight cancellation rate increased. This cancellation rate in increased on Sunday when spirit canceled 90 flights or say 18% of its schedule, As per some resources, Spirit airlines have continued to lead all the United States based airlines in the term of cancellation.  

This cancellation made many passengers unhappy and then police had to meet with the angry customers who threatened by the Spirit airlines.

What was the reason behind it?

Spirit Airlines and their pilots explained multiple views behind the matter of cancellation which are very complex to understand. Spirit is claiming that pilots are personally disturbing the company’s operations to pressure the company for accepting their terms. It is a reason behind the flight delays or cancellation.

Well, as per some reports from Spirit, everything is fine and now there is no misunderstanding between the company and their pilot. Spirit’s on-time arrival rate was 80% during the month of May which is the highest compared to other airlines carrier.

Suppose the Spirit airlines canceled flights today, then there can be a specific reason behind not pilots as it can also be bad weather conditions.

So you don’t any need to be tensed as you can very easily request for a full refund on your flight that is canceled by the Spirit airlines. Make sure that your ticket is refundable and you are requesting in a limited time prescribed by the Spirit Airlines Customer Service.

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