Linux – is a Unix –like computer operating system which is available for free and open source development and distribution. It was developed for the personal computers. The Linux source code is called Kernal and it is the base of the Linux operating system. Linux is packaged in a form known as Linux distribution for both desktop and server use. It has couple of benefits attached with it. Linux is user friendly which can be used by the people of all the age groups. It is completely secured however it has some issue also attached with it which goes hand in hand.

Some of the common concern associated with it is as following –

  • It does not support some of the applications

  • Individual can face some concern while installing

  • One can find some difficulty in configuring it with the personal computer

  • Latest updates not getting updated

  • Complete version of the software is not available

There are some more concerns with user needs some concern for which could even be non technical in nature, in order to resolve the same one must take help form the Linux customer service

Linux support service gives you the resolution in no time, the representative as they are given training from time to time. One can seek help through various means –

  • Can call on the toll free number
  • Can seek help from the live chat

They will ensure that the help is provided across the clock and globally.

Early not many games were available on Linux however it is not so at present, as popular platforms Android which uses Linux Kernel has gained more interest, Some Linux players also play window games through Wine or CrossOver Linux . One can also possible tune Linux for a specific purpose which can be one in two ways – building from scratch or from a general purpose distribution as a base. Linux os support provides assistance in the apt way.

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