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Know about Flight Booking for Minors in Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines are the largest low-cost carrier in the world due to which it is opted by most of the passengers for flying within the country or some of the international trips. It serves passengers with a number of services and facilities.

How to Book Southwest Flight for Unaccompanied Minor?

If a passenger is minor and is unaccompanied and flying with Southwest airlines, then a special service is provided to them. Unaccompanied minors are those who have an age of 5-11 and are travelling without any accompanying passenger who is 12 years and older. They are eligible only for domestic, direct and non-stop flights. The minors are not allowed in international flights if they are unaccompanied. If someone wants to have info about How do I book Southwest flight for an Unaccompanied Minor, then here are the details:

Flying with Child on Southwest Airlines

In order to complete the Southwest booking flight for minor, the preparation should be done as follows:

While dropping the kid, the following points should be kept in mind:

  1. Arrive at the airport early to get the escort pass and Unaccompanied Minor lanyard so that the child can be easily escorted for the check-in gate.
  2. For check-in process, a copy of child’s itinerary, proof of child’s age and guardian’s ID are required.
  3. The child will be boarding earlier than other passengers for the flight instructions.

Below mentioned instructions should be followed by the Kid while being in the Air:

  1. The kid must wear UM lanyard around the neck all the time during the flight.
  2. The child is required to follow the instructions given by the crew members.
  3. On the arrival airport, the kid will be escorted off the plane and till the pickup guardian meets.

Some instructions need to be followed while picking up as follows:

  1. Arrive at the airport early to pick up the kid.
  2. The kid will be escorted by the crew to the check-in from where the guardian can pick-up.
  3. After pick-up, the parents or guardian in the origin city should be informed.

To get more info about unaccompanied minors Southwest airlines can be contacted.

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