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Resetting Netgear Router Password

It has happened to all of us more than once when we set a password and forget it later. Nothing is more bothersome than going through the difficulty of getting your device back and resetting the password. But there is nothing you cannot do in this age of technology.

The most asked question by users is that “How Do I Get My Password For My Router Netgear” the answer to this question is in some simple steps which you must follow very attentively so that you get your password back in no time and start again with best internet connections.

Forgot Netgear Admin Password Get Recover Now

If you forgot Netgear admin password, there is nothing to be worried about, you can get it back in no time. Here are some simple steps for you to follow:

1. Open your search browser and even it is not connected to the internet it can still work perfectly, type 192.168.11 in the search bar.

2. Admin page of the router will be opened. It will ask you to enter your admin name and password. Give the page all the correct data and click on the ok button.

3. Next, your account will be signed in.

4. On the top left corner, you will be able to see ‘administration’ tab in bolded letters. Click on this tab. It will lead you to the advanced setting.

5. Look for the reset button in in advanced setting. Click on the reset button and it will restore all the setting to original form.

6. When you are done will all these steps, check again for any mistake. If everything is done right, the ok button will be highlighted.

7. Click on the ok button.

8. Now you are ready to reset your network password. Choose a strong and easy password which you can remember later. Prefer to use a combination of letters as well as numbers

What To Do If You Still Have A Problem:

If you have done all the steps precisely and your intent connections are still not working or you were not able to perform some steps due to any kind of complication there is need to worry at all. You still have a solution in your hands; there are so many people around the world, who do not get the required solution at first try.

If there is any complexity call on the customer care number, which is also provided on the website. The employees are present 24 hours to provide you with the best services. Tell them thoroughly you are getting in Netgear router password recovery. The employees will guide you through every step precisely. Sometimes it depends on the complexity of the problem, that whether they can solve your problem or not.

If you have done all the asked steps and you still have not get your password back then you should visit customer care centre yourself so that mechanical technician can have a look at your device themselves and understand the problem more precisely. They can also advise you to leave your device with them for a couple of days and come get it after the problem is solved. Keep the fact in mind that sometimes when the battery of your router outruns it can also cause problems and it should be replaced.


It’s been a while since you last logged in, in your router and now you have completely forgotten the password? There is no need to stress about it, you can always change/reset the password by using some simple steps.

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