Google Maps Not Showing Traffic


Google Map is one of the another invention of Google which facilitates the users to select and visit any place by doing navigation through Google Map which can be done by turn on the GPS. It is a Earth mapping service application and technology which is generates by the Google. It facilitates the users to check the real time traffic conditions, street views, route planning by foot, car and bicycle and many more in order to save the time and the money. If we are planning a trip with family and friends and lost our way than Google Map not only helps us to find a correct way but also advice us with the Short and Safe Route. Google Map provides you with the facility of sharing your physical location with others so that in case of emergency you are always connected with your friends and family. It work on the factor of "top-down" or "birds eye" view because of which the high resolution image of the cities with their traffic conditions can be checked. This is the only App which is used by zillions of users across the Globe and considered as one of the most popular and user friendly App launched for Smartphones till yet. Google map is now available in Multilingual language so that millions of users can enjoy and use its services.



* Google Map is built with the features where user can eaily check the traffic condition by checking the coloured map which usually represent the “Speed of Vehicles on the Particular road”

* When it comes to determine the traffic, different colour represents different meaning like

Map showing Yellow Colour means “MODERATE TRAFFIC

Map showing Dark Red with broken lines means “HEAVY TRAFFIC


*It also has one of the feature of Google Underwater Street View which includes 2,300 kilometres of 3D view. The images are taken by special cameras which shoot in every 3 seconds

*Explore the pleasures and wonders of the world up to the close


Don’t worry if Google Map not showing traffic as it happens sometimes because of bad Network Connectivity.

1. Switch on the settings first of all

2.Than on the General Settings

3.Now click on the Privacy settings and than to Location services

4.And enables the Traffic to check the traffic conditions

5.Works faster and easy to use

If you found any difficulty where your Google Map is not showing traffic while doing navigation than get in touch with our most qualified and certified team through Google Customer Care number who helps you in every possible way of resolving the issues or the technical faults. Our Technical team troubleshoot your issues by taking the remote access of your device or either through chat, telephone or email in order to offer you both quality and quantity of work both together. Our Technical Team offers you services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in order to proffer you most quick, speedy, authentic, long lasting and never ending services.

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