How To Activate Norton Antivirus with product key

Activation of Norton Antivirus

The users are always advised to activate the Norton antivirus product, as it is essential for the protection of the product at work. However the user is advised to keep his or her computer connected to the Internet and also has the Norton product key ready, which will be required for the valid subscription.

Finding Norton Antivirus Product Key on the Computer

The uses need to note and they are also recommended that the Norton Antivirus Activation product key is only available if the product is already installed in the machine. The users can find the product key with the help of the Norton Antivirus Activation technical team. To find the product key of the pre-installed Norton Antivirus the user needs to follow the following steps at that will help him or her to re-installing the Norton Antivirus on the computer. To do so, the user first need to

  • Log into the “Administrator Account” on the computer
  • Then “Go to My Documents” in the Start menu of the computer
  • The he or she needs to search for the folder titled "Symantec"
  • Then in the “Symantec” folder he or she needs to find the "Norton Antivirus Key.txt." file and then double-click on that to see the key inside

The uses are recommended to note the product key for all the versions of Norton or any other antivirus that is installed on the Computer.

Step1: Locating the Norton Product Key

The location of the product key or activation key depends on how the user obtained the product, which means

If the user purchased the Norton product either Online or from a third-party website then the product key is received in the confirmation email. But if the user fails to locate the confirmation email in inbox then he or she is recommended to check the spam filter folder. However, the user can also locate the product key from their Norton account under services page.

If the user purchase a boxed product CD online or at a local retail store then the product key is inside the box either on a sticker or a scratch card at the back of the CD sleeve or DVD case, or printed on a card in the box.

The users are recommended to note that the product key is the combination of alphabetic and numeric characters and do not contain any special characters.

Step2: Activating the Norton Antivirus

The Activation of Norton Antivirus, the user first need to contact the Norton technical team and then follow the steps and do the needful.

  • First start the Norton Antivirus
  • Then on the Norton window he or she needs to click next to the subscription status and then click Renew or Activate Now
  • Then click “I have a key or code to enter”. The users can skip this step if he or she is prompted to enter the product key
  • Then he or she needs to enter the product key and then click Next
  • Then follow the on-screen instructions and review the subscription details and then click Done

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