Stop Windows 10 Blue Screen Error

Do you own a Windows 10 PC? If yes, then you must have definitely experienced the Blue screen error of your PC at least once in your lifetime. Since the day Microsoft had launched the Windows 10 OS for all the users, it has been utilized by over billion users in the world. The reason for this is the excellent features introduced in the Windows 10 PC. Although the users thoroughly enjoy utilizing Windows 10 PC, but the main problem arises when they have to face some extremely complicated issues associated with their Windows 10 PC. Out of all the troublesome issues, the one which frustrates users the most is when the Windows 10 crashes to a blue screen.

Get The Best Steps For Fixing The Blue Screen Error Of Windows 10 PC

In this article, we will help those users, who are not able to find some reliable solutions for their issues and have become completely hopeless because of constantly facing these errors. So not wasting your time, here are the steps to fix this frustrating windows 10 blank blue screen.

1. Creating a backup: Since this error is extremely common, therefore, the Windows 10 users are always advised to create a backup of all their important files and documents because whenever the Blue Screen Error (BSOD) arises, it usually deletes the files stored in various drives of their PC. Although they can create a backup in an external hard drive but creating a backup online on some cloud service is considered as the safest option.

2. Recreation of the problem: Sometimes, it happens that a particular process of PC or software of the PC causes the problem. So, in order to prevent that situation, the best way is to recreate all the processes and software so that when the program crashes, you can check which process of PC or software was responsible for creating the Blue Screen of Death. Sometimes, changing the format of an external device connected to the PC usually fixes the Windows 10 Blue Screen Error (BSOD).

3. Triggering the change: Sometimes, it happens that Blue Screen of Death arises whenever the users try to change either the software previously installed in the PC or they change the hardware, which they usually connect to their PC. This problem also arises while upgrading their Windows OS to Windows 10. However, sometimes, uninstalling the particular software, which usually creates the problem and then, reinstalling it after some time after downloading the latest version of that software from its official website.

4. Updating drivers: Sometimes, it happens that updating the drivers of the PC usually fixes this problem. Normally, the old drivers are responsible for creating the BSOD error, which in turn, destroys the working of the PC. Moreover, you should constantly check whether there is an update available for the drivers of their PC by checking the official website of the PC's product. However, if unfortunately, the latest version of those drivers is not working for you, then it is beneficial to switch back to the older versions.

5. Lack of updates: Sometimes, it happens that the users are not able to find any of the updates and then they get confused on how to Fix Windows 10 Blue Screen Error. So, in those cases, the best way is to check whether you have enabled the automatic update feature for all the drivers and software installed in your PC or not. In case, you have not enabled it, then you have to do it right now. Along with that, you have to manually check for the update.

6. Hardware issues: Sometimes, it happens that the partitions of Hard Disk are not uniform and which, in turn, cause the BSOD to arise. So, to fix it, you should remember to partition it the right way.

However, in case, you are still not able to fix the BSOD, then the best way to get the best support for windows 10 BSOD is to immediately contact the Windows 10 Support Team right now to sort out this error comfortably within a fraction of minutes.

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