One Stop Solution "Whatsapp Down OR Not Working" Issue

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Whatsapp has gained popularity in the world because of user friendly interface for chatting with people all across the world, free online audio chat, and also provides data transfer facility. As we all know that one can only enjoy these services if their messenger service is working efficiently. But what if Whatsapp is not working on Mobile Phone? In such situations users will obviously want to get the issue fixed in a short span of time in order to enjoy unlimited messenger service. Users with good technical knowledge will find no problem in getting the issue fixed by self but users with lack of technical domain knowledge can follow the below mentioned short tutorial to get the issue fixed instantly.

How to troubleshoot “Whatsapp down or not working” issue?

Check for updates and upgrades – Make sure users are using the latest version of Whatsapp to use the latest features of the service and to avoid disconnection from the service.  If the service is not updated within the specified period of time then the service will automatically be disabled.

Check the internet connection – Users need to make sure that their internet is working efficiently when they are performing some sort of operation with their messenger service. To check this, users can open any of the browsers in the mobile device and then try opening any of the website.

Use the service in desktop or system – Whatsapp is now available in desktop versions too. If the service is not working in the mobile device then users can always download software like Blue Stack and perform their messenger services in their system.

Reboot the phone – Whatsapp may not be working due to some sort of conflicts or errors. If that is the reason then users can always reboot the phone to get one stop solution for the underlying issue.

Contact the technicians - But what if the problem still remains unresolved? Users will obviously require some sort of technical assistance to get the issue fixed in a short span of time. Users can dial the whatsapp customer service toll free number to fix the errors or enhance or optimize the performance of the messenger service. The technicians with years of experience will assist the users to get the issue fixed instantly.

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