What is the senior discount at Southwest Airlines?

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Currently managing 4,000 departures daily, Southwest Airlines was founded in 1967 by Herb Kelleher and commenced operation in 1971. Employed more than 50,000 people in different departments, it has emerged as the largest low-cost airline in the world. Depending on a fleet of 750 plus aircraft, this airline company is engaged in serving around 100 destinations in 40 U.S. States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Central America, and the Caribbean. You might be asking, what is the senior discount at Southwest Airlines? Well, this air group has introduced a senior fare for the passengers over 65 years, and we will be discussing the senior fare discount throughout this write-up.

What is Southwest Airlines Senior Fare? 

The senior fare scheme introduced by Southwest is applicable for the domestic and overseas passengers. Any travel aspirant can take the benefit of this scheme if he/she is 65 years old or more. It would be a great option for you if you are looking forward to getting a ticket with the ability to refund.

What are the requirements of flying with Southwest with senior fare?

You are required to provide a valid age proof at the airport while collecting your boarding pass by exchanging your confirmation number. In this regard, you could provide your driving license or other accepted identification having your date of birth. You won’t be able to make your online check-in or check-in at a self-service kiosk without the age verification. The identification we are talking about is not different from the identification required to clear security or check a bag; it is the same. If you are not providing the age proof, you will have to stop at airport check-in even if you’re not checking a bag. Get the answer to how do I book Southwest senior fares below.

What are the steps of booking Southwest tickets with senior fare?

Call the reservation officials to avail information about the senior fare booking 

Southwest, which is appreciated for its world-class passenger support, has appointed passenger care. To serve the passengers in the most professional manner, passenger care is divided into multiple work-specific units. Every unit of Southwest Care is managed by highly experienced team leaders in adherence to international norms of the aviation industry. One unit is dealing with the senior fare bookings. You can contact this unit by making your chat account login on Southwest’s official website or by dialing the official passenger care number. You may prefer to drop an email to the email support department for getting a callback in your expected time.

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