What is the Child Fare on Southwest?

Southwest Airlines with a Lap Child

If you are travelling with your kids and you have booked your flight with Southwest Airlines it could charge you more than the cheap Airlines for the similar route but if you are travelling with your lap child it will be cheaper and more convenient travelling in Southwest Airlines.

If you want to know what is the child fare on Southwest Airlines you need to go through the following conditions:

If your infant (child) is younger than 2 years, you can take your child as a lap child free of cost

If you are travelling with 2 infants younger than 2 years you need to buy the seat for the second child and one will be free as a lap child

If your child is elder than 2 years but younger than 15 years you will be getting a special discount for the kids.

Guide To Flying Southwest With Child

Here is the complete guide to flying Southwest with kids because if you travel with the family or kids you should be aware of each and every detail about the journey to have complete peace of mind and maximum satisfaction.

Free checked bags:

Southwest Airlines gives you a baggage allowance of carrying 2 checked bags of maximum 50 LBS each passenger which is a good benefit of travelling with Southwest Airlines. So if you are travelling with your lap child without booking a separate seat, you will not get any additional baggage allowance for the child or if you are travelling with your family you cannot pack light because you need all the required items for the whole family.

You need to provide the birth certificate:

If you are travelling with a newborn baby and did not get the birth certificate yet, you can call the Southwest Airlines customer service team in advance and notify about this situation. If your child is around 2 years or few months lesser you need to take the birth certificate is a child’s age proof.

Boarding of a Lap child:

Your child’s verifications documents which are required for boarding the flight can be obtained only from the ticket counter at the Airport. You can obtain the boarding verification document after verifying the age of your child next to showing the age certificate. You are not allowed to print the boarding verification document online before reaching to the ticket counter at the airport.

Family boarding:

If you are travelling with more than one child or with the whole family under the family boarding, you don’t need to worry about the seating. You will be assigned seats as a family and sit together. It allows families travelling with children less than 6 years of age travel together.

Make sure your older child also sit with you:

If your child is more than 6 years old you can make sure that you sit together by the option provided by the Southwest Airlines as you can start selecting the seats exactly 24 hours prior to the flight departure. So you have to be fast to get your self-assigned seats.

Pack the snacks for your kids:

As Southwest Airlines has limited options in the food and snacks menu which might be not for your younger kid or if you are travelling in Southwest flight with a lap child you should carry the baby food for your child.

Also, you can get several other things done such download the application of Southwest in your Smartphone for unlimited entertainment of your kids throughout the journey. Also if you see any extra seat in the flight you can snag that for your Lap child. You can change your flight with Southwest Airlines cheap flights if your child is sick.

All you need to do is be well prepared when travelling with children and family to save money and get more convenience.

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