Swiss International Airline With Best Luggage Allowance

Swiss Airline is the flag carrier of Switzerland and is known for its world-class airline features. The airline is providing top notch travel options with easy ticket booking opportunity. Create a Swiss Airline profile to manage your bookings with the flight and also check the flight status as when required. From the airline website passengers can check-in online and book seats on-board. Ask help for ticket booking and flying services.

Swiss Airline Hand Bag Allowance

Swiss airline baggage allowance is available to passengers based on source and destination airport. The allowed dimension of hand baggage in Economy Class is “1 x max. 8 kg”, in Business Class it is “2 x max. 8 kg”, and in First Class it is “2 x max. 8 kg”. The dimensions are max “55 x 40 x 23 cm”. A too big or heavy baggage will be taken at the gate and there will extra charges too for the check baggage. How high is the price of the baggage allowance at the gates? It is considerably higher at the gate and needs to be paid by Maestro or credit card. The acceptance of the luggage bag is up to maximum “57 x 54 x 15 cm” dimension.

Adults and children can also carry a handbag, laptop bag or shoulder bag for their own seats. The maximum dimension is max. (40 x 30 x 10 cm). There are also few minor changes in the hand baggage policy for flights while flying from and within South Africa. Economy Class passengers may take 1 item of baggage of maximum weight 7 kg and 1 thin laptop bag. Business and First Class passengers may take 2 items of baggage for the same. The maximum circumference is 56 x 36 x 23 cm. Swiss air baggage allowance carry on is dependent on the route and it is better to contact the airline experts for the same.

Swiss International Airlines Checked Baggage

The baggage limit and weight to carry on-board is dependent on the type of ticket and the booking class. The baggage limit can be adjusted accordingly as per the requirements. The economy class passengers can choose between low-priced hand baggage rate, and in Classic and Flex passengers have the option to include on item of baggage. For Business class the bag limit is (2 x max. 32 kg) and for Classic & Flex it is (1 x max. 23 kg). The baggage item must not exceed a total of 158 cm in size.

The tickets for all baggage items on intercontinental routes include at least 1 item of baggage. Children or kids under 4 years are entitled to1 item of baggage weighting a maximum of 23 kg. The item exceeding the total of 158 cm in size is transported as extra baggage. To know the Swiss air extra baggage cost contact the support professionals. These experts help out the passengers solve all the baggage issues.

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