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Roundcube – is a web based IMAP client, its stand out feature is that of use of Ajax technology which is written in PHP . It is free and open source software in relation to General Public Licence subjected to skin and plugin along with is they also include open source libraries such as Pear , an IMAP library from Ilohamail , the TinyMCE.

Roundcube webmail Configuration - it has over 200 configurations which can be customized as per the needs which will help you to understand the email in a better way below mentioned steps need to be taken in order to configure the mail before bringing it to use.

Minimal Setup –

Database Connection – this is used encrypt the users IMAP password which is stored there most importantly because of the security reasons an it is all the more important that Roundcube has its own encryption key and prefer not to use the default value.

Server Connection – default _host if the user uses this then it will provide you the text box where the user has to enter the password which the user wants the user connect to if the user wants to use then use it ‘’ssl:// or “tls://

One thing needs to be remembered that email address is not case sensitive however the Roundcube by default converts the user name entered in the login to lower case, in IMAP they may treat names as case sensitive having said that can be controlled

1: disabled, don’t covert the user name

2: domain part only

3: lower – case the entire user name (default) Sending Message through SMTP –

Sending messages via SMTP – it is used to via the outgoing mail server



Smtp_pass (if required)

Restricting Sender Identities –the users are free to set up unlimited number of sender identities for outgoing mail, arbitrary email can also be set as a sender address configuration includes

Identities Level

1– multiple identities with possibility to edit all parameters

2- multiple identities with possibility to edit all parameters except email address

3- one identity with possibility to edit all parameters

4-  one identity with possibility to edit all parameters except email address

5- one identity with possibility to edit only signature

How to recover Roundcube webmail password – in order to do so one has to take the steps mentioned below

  • First and Foremost Login

  • Hit o the change password icon

  • Put in the new password in the box

  • Confirm the same by putting in the password in the second Password textbox

Click on change option, once it s successfully done one will be able to see a confirmation page hence it will be done

Roundcube Technical Support – if the user is facing problems with the email, if you are not able to configure although it is a free service then too one can seek help in the following ways –

Community Forum – it is the community which the individual can join, or for the issues can see the discussions for the related concern, if that does not help then individual can write the mail for the same.

Roundcube Chatroom – the individual can engage in the chat with the expert for the concern and indeed can get the solution for the same  the best possible option there is also a strong possibility.

Roundcube webmail support number - to get the support for the concern one can dial on the number and the expert will give the best possible way-out there is also a strong possibility that it may ask you to get in touch of the specific internet provider.

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