Roku Remote Not Working

Fixes For Roku Remote Not Working

Roku is a brand which has developed a series of digital media players. The content of these series is provided in the form of channels. It is a Japanese company which offers streaming devices to its users.

Steps for How To Fix Roku Remote Stopped Working

The streaming device of Roku can receive the data when connected through wired or Wi-Fi connection coming from the internet router. The data of Roku is outputted either through audio cable, video cable or HDMI cable on some of the models. While using Roku, if the remote control is not working, the user has to first identify the model of the remote. Once the model is identified, the user should know how to fix Roku remote not working. Here are the fixes:

  • If the remote is IR, the user needs to check for the blocked IR signals in the Roku device. For this, the remote can be placed on a higher or different position to get a clear signal for the use.
  • The batteries of the remote might be causing the issue. If the batteries are dead, it is responsible for the malfunctioning of remote. So, the user is advised to replace the remote.
  • The user can try by restarting all the devices of Roku i.e. Roku remote, Roku Player or Stick. It can be done by removing the batteries from remote and power cables. Wait for few seconds and connect them back. It might resolve the issue.
  • Another way that can be tried is to repair the Roku remote with the device. It is done by removing the batteries and unplugging the power cable from Roku device. Keep it unplugged for few seconds and plug it back. When Roku logo is there on the screen, the batteries are inserted back. The pairing button in remote is pressed and held until the light begins to flash.
  • The streaming stick of Roku device might be causing the issue. For this, the user has to check the HDMI connector and the port. If it defects, it should be replaced.
  • The network connection is responsible for the working of the Roku device. Either the wired or wireless connection should be working for the proper working of Roku.
  • The Roku app is required that should be downloaded from the app store or play store.
  • The last possibility is of defected remote control of Roku, and then it needs to be replaced.

To have any more info about the Roku remote not working, the technical support center can be contacted and contact info is available on the website of Roku.

Roku Remote Control Not Working

If someone using your Roku video player after some time or 1 week ago but suddenly your remote stopped working so you need to follow the instruction for fix issues...

  • Remove the Battery from the Remote Controller.
  • Switch of Power of your Roku Box and Wait 10 Second
  • Plug on Power Roku Box and Place your Battery in the remote
  • Press and Hold on Pair/Sync Button for 3 seconds
  • and Ensure that Remote Control is in Range on the Box. When Device Starts, the Remote should re-sync and work again.

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