HP PhotoSmart Printer Not Printing

HP is an American multinational information technology that develops and provides a wide variety of hardware and software components and related services to consumers mainly to small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) and large enterprises. HP is considered as one of the best in its industry but inspite of that, the product does face several problems and there are varied causes for the products not to work up to the level of expectations. Unlike any other product, HP Photosmart Printer does face problems and denies printing. The experts guides for troubleshooting and pinpointing the exact cause of the problem and fix it accordingly. The issue can be related to software and / or hardware.

Software Issue is related to restarting the print spooler and then performing a power cycle on the printer. This is a very common cause of printing issues on HP Photosmart Printer. The other alternative to resolve software issue is to make sure that the driver is installed on the system in case it is trying to uninstall and then reinstall the printer drivers.

Hardware Issues is related to printer’s hardware settings, wherein there are chances that the printer might has gone haywire and thus it need to reset it to its factory defaults to resolve the issue.

Resetting the HP PhotoSmart

To reset the HP Photosmart Printer in a situation when it fails to Printing, the user is recommended to follow the steps mentioned below and resolve the problem hassle free. The HP Photosmart can be reset in three ways, which include the partial reset, semi-full reset and the full reset. However, each reset type is applicable to certain types of issues.

Partial Reset only helps to refresh the printer into a responsive state and does not delete any setting from the printer. To do so, the user need

  • To power cycle the printer and check the status if it works
  • If fails then the user need to turn OFF the printer
  • And remove the power cord from the back of the printer
  • Then wait for 10 seconds
  • And press and how the “#” and “6” key on the printer while inserting the power cord back into the printer
  • The user needs to keep holding the keys until the screen turns black or blank
  • Then release both keys
  • The printer should then start resetting

Semi-Full Reset removes all the setting on printer and need to re-enter all the settings like printer language, wireless setting, etc.. back into the printer once the reset is complete. To do this the user need to follow the same process in doing a partial reset but pressing the “#” and “6” keys instead.

Full Reset only applicable when all troubleshooting steps has been exhausted and to do that the user need to is use the “#” and “9” keys with the same process as the partial reset process.

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