How to Upgrade to First Class in American Airlines?

Traveling in a comfortable way is a very important thing to prevent from any sort of stress come due to the uncomfortable seats or other facilities. But when you book a flight ticket in the American airlines, first class, you get lots of facilities such as more legroom, special food order, seat selection and much more. American airlines proffer the facility of seat upgrading to first class. But if you are thinking that how do I upgrade to first class on American Airlines, then there are lots of ways to upgrade seat to first class on American airlines.

Method# 1: Upgrade First Class via an Internet

Go to the official American airline's website from your computer and then log in to your AAdvantage account.

Enter your AAdvantage email ID and password into the given box and then click on login option. Suppose if you don’t have an AAdvantage account, then you can also sign up for a new one which is very easy and simple.

Now make sure that your AAdvantage account has a valid phone number and then click on My Account link.

Now click on Personal Information and Password to check your details.

After that, click on Buy Upgrades section and then choose the upgrades that you want to purchase.

Complete the payment process to purchase the upgrades and then click on the Submit tab.

Method#2: Upgrade via Self-Check-in

You can also upgrade your seat very easily during the American Airlines check-in seat selection process which can be performed through online or by visiting the Airport as given below:

Visit the airport to check-in for your flight and then find the American airline's self-service check-in section and wait in a line for the kiosks.

Now enter your credit card into the kiosk and then enter your destination city and your name into the given field.

Follow the on-screen instructions until you would not see the upgrade option and then press the required option to request for an upgrade.

Now give the payment details and then choose the upgrades that you want to purchase and then complete the payment process via your credit card to complete the process.

Method# 3: Upgrade on Phone

Dial the American Airlines Advantage desk and then press the required options to get in touch with the service representatives.

Now tell your requirements to the representatives that you want to purchase an upgrade and then provide your flight information to them.

Now wait for fewer seconds and then provide the credit card number to complete the purchase process.

Method# 4: Upgrade via Live Person

Visit the ticket counter at your nearest airport and then wait in a queue to meet with live representatives.

Now you will be asked to show your identity proof issued by the government and then also give your information regarding the travel such as your departure and arrival destination.

After that, request for an upgrade and then pay for the upgrade via credit card or debit card.

If you are still confronting any problem or have any doubt to upgrade American Airlines Reservations, then contact with the customer service team for a better assistance. They will help to upgrade your seat in American airlines first class in a very simple and easy manner. You can make a phone call to obtain this effective 24/7 assistance.

How Much are Seats Upgraded on American Airlines?

Upgrading your seats or cabin comes with several advantages: seats with more leg rooms, an entertainment system, a dedicated menu, early boarding, etc.

Some upgrades are eligible for all passengers, whereas others are for elite or loyal passengers. If you are an elite member, you can use a 500 miles upgrade option or buy a 500 upgrade by paying around 40dollar. You can pay as low as around 20dollar to upgrade, but up-gradation depends upon several factors like your ticket type, loyalty pass, etc. So you can also speak to the customer support team of American Airlines to get an exact price for your seat upgrade.

How Do I Get A Free Upgrade To First Class on American Airlines?

If you are an elite member of American Airlines, you can easily update first class while traveling within North America. These upgrades are popularly called 500 miles upgrades.

*All the members under elite status can receive a free first-class upgrade up to 500 miles of flights. Generally, all domestic flights fall under this category, which is covered well under the elite member 500 miles program.

  • If you are a platinum member with American airlines, you can have unlimited upgrades within 500 miles of flights, but upgrades depend on seat availability.
  • If you are an ordinary traveler, you can request a free upgrade through their offline counter at check-in. As free upgrades are given in case of availability, you have a chance to get an upgrade for free. Moreover, you can also speak to American airlines to get free upgrades.

Can I pay to upgrade to first class on American Airlines?

Yes, you can pay to get an upgrade to first class on an American airline. You can either choose to pay in extra miles points or can pay in cash to get an upgrade.

  • You can pay to upgrade either by cash or your mile points, but your upgrade depends on availability.
  • First preference is given to elite or loyal customers of the airlines, and then other passengers are upgraded accordingly.
  • In case you are a normal passenger, you can get an upgrade if you request the upgrade early. Upgrade to normal passengers is given on a first-come, first-serve basis.

How Much does it cost to upgrade to first-class American Airlines?

If you have a reservation with American Airlines and want to upgrade to first class, the upgrade costs vary from route to route; some of them are given below for your reference.

  • If you are flying to 48 contiguous US states, Alaska, Canada, Mexico, and Central America, you can either pay around 15000-mile points or pay around 75dollar in cash.
  • If you are flying to Hawai, you can pay around 15000 miles or 175dollar in cash.
  • If you are flying to Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, and Peru, you can pay approx 15000 in mile points or 150dollar in cash.
  • For countries like the middle east, Japan, South Korea, Europe, and Africa, you can pay around 25000 miles points or 350dollar in cash. You can also get in touch with American Airlines; if you want to get the final upgrade cost for your bookings.

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