How To Stop Norton Antivirus From Deleting A File

Antivirus was introduced with a mindset of detecting and removing viruses. An antivirus is also known as Anti-malware software. In 2001 an official open source antivirus was launched by a person named as Tomasz Kojm. These days Antivirus is very common and a necessary need for every computer users. We meet with several attacks that crash our system and several times we lost our valuable data. There are hundreds of antivirus present but most of them usually don't detect the virus whereas it hides the virus and doesn't let know that our system is under a virus attack. 

Norton Antivirus Data Recovery Guide

There are several criteria to choose a perfect antivirus and few of them are mentioned below. 

  • Antivirus should have an ability to detect a wide verity of malware and trojans.
  • It should provide us reliable protection.
  • It should belong a well-known developer.
  • It should affect systems performance. 
  • Customer support should be there 24*7.

 If you have checked all the above-mentioned points in an anti-virus and it is satisfying all of them then you can select that antivirus. Millions of system users have selected Norton Antivirus because it satisfies all the above points perfectly.

Norton Antivirus was introduced in 1991 and this antivirus is being monitored by Symantec Corporation. Norton antivirus is a very popular a trustworthy antivirus. 

Here we will be providing you with the guide on,

Methods to Recover Norton Deleted Files

There are several ways to recover a deleted file but we will be discussing the best one. Along with this if you want to know "how to stop Norton antivirus from deleting a file" then you can skip this portion can check the next paragraph as we have discussed the complete method to stop Norton from deleting any File.

But before that, the procedure of,

 How to recover norton deleted files?

 There are some particular steps by which you can recover the deleted files. You just need to follow the steps mentioned below.

Note:- To perform the recovery you need to install some third-party apps, so make sure you download that software from their official website.

Download the EasyUS recovery software. 

Install EasyUS software on your system.

Launch it from your desktop icons. 

Now Select the drive from which your files are deleted.

After selecting click on "scan" option. 

Let the scan get completed and it will take few minutes. 

After scanning the drive, this software will show a list of the deleted files.

Just chose the files you want to recover and then select the location where you want to restore them.

You have successfully recovered your deleted files. See how easy it was and now the process of Stopping Norton from deleting files is to very easy.

Let's have a look. 

How to stop Norton antivirus from deleting a file?

 In order to stop Norton you need to follow the below-mentioned steps carefully. 

  • Launch Norton Antivirus.
  • GO the Advance option.
  • After that, you will see an option named as" Computer Protection".
  • In that option, you will see another option "Quarantine".  
  • Click on it and there you will see some files which your antivirus had found defects. 
  • In quarantine, there will be an option named as "Action".
  • In that option, select "Restore the file".
  • Just restore the file.
  • Along with this disable the option of move to trash so that you can stop Norton from deleting files. 
  • Now once you have disabled the move to trash option then in future you won't be losing any file. 

 This was a small guide over "how to stop Norton antivirus from deleting a file" and on "How to Recover Norton Deleted File". This guide will definitely help you out.

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