How To Setup My Gmail Account On My Mac?

E-mail clients do not always communicate properly with the free email services online, and Macs and Google are no exception. Gmail require special settings for using it in your Apple mail service on mac computers. There are a few settings that you can do manually to make sure your Mac works with Gmail account properly.

Apple Mail

Mac computer comes with an email program known as Apple Mail. Many mac users have their email account with gmail and they don’t have any idea for apple mail settings for gmail.

When you first install Mac operating system, you need your gmail account details ready to configure it with apple mail on mac. When you start the Mail application for the first time, you will be met with a setup wizard to guide you through the process, Apple Mail can automatically create most default POP email accounts. Enter your name, e-mail address and password, and make sure “Auto-Configured Account” is selected. If successful, your email account will be configured and ready for use.

If the automatic configuration is not working, make a manual setup. In addition to the above information, you will also need incoming and outgoing mail server addresses for a manual setup. Open mail program again and clear the automatic setup option to make a manual setup. Enter the required information when prompted.

How To Setup My Gmail Account On My Mac?

It is very simple to set up gmail account on mac computers using apple mail. Simply follow these steps, and use your gmail account on mac to sync your mail, contacts, calendar s, and notes with your other devices, such as iPad or iPhone.

Make sure POP and IMAP is enabled in your gmail account.

Open the 'Mail' application on your mac.

In Finder, tap 'Mail' and select “Settings”.

Tap 'Accounts' to the right of 'General'.

Now select 'Google' and press 'Add'.

Now enter your information and press 'Set'.

Your gmail account is set in the default mail program of mac i.e. in Apple Mail.

How To Use Gmail On Your Iphone And iPad?

1. Touch Settings

2. Touch Email, Contacts, Calendars

3. Touch Add Account

4. Touch Other

5. Tap Add Email Account

6. Fill out the fields with the following:

  • Name: Your name
  • E-mail: Your gmail email id
  • Password: your gmail account password
  • Description: your gmail email id

7. Tap “Save” to save the settings.

Advanced Settings for gmail incoming and outgoing servers

Use the following apple mail settings for gmail.

Scroll down to “Server for incoming mail” and enter your information:

  • Hostname:
  • Username: Your gmail address (
  • Password: Password for your Gmail account

Afterwards, enter information in “Outgoing Mail Server”:

  • Hostname:
  • Username: Optional, but you can enter your name
  • Password: Optional, but you can enter your Gmail password

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