Resetting HP Printer Ink Cartridge 61

Resetting and refilling of HP Printer Ink Cartridge 61 can be done easily but the users face problems and complains about the issue that they face to get it to work again in the printer. There are contacts available on the back of the cartridge and they are programmed to read the ink level but it fails to reset for the printer as because the user added more ink. However, to reset and refill the HP printer ink cartridge 61, the user need to follow the basic steps that are mentioned below.

How To Refill HP Printer Ink Cartridge 61?

1. The user first need to insert the cartridge that he or she refilled into the HP printer and then have the printer print an alignment page and help the printer to recognizing the cartridge. Inspite of this the printer will still read the ink level as where it was prior refilled it.

2. Then the user need to remove the cartridge from the printer and then replace it with any other old cartridge and now the printer print an alignment page with this cartridge as it recognizes a different cartridge from the first one.

3. Now need to replace the second cartridge with a third one and then run the same alignment page as because the printer only retains the memory of two print cartridges and it will erase the memory of the first refilled cartridge.

4. After that, the user need to insert the refilled cartridge into the printer and now the printer will recognize the cartridge as being full.

5. Then need to tape over the contact squares of the cartridge's contacts and insert the cartridge into the printer and then run an alignment page. The user is recommended to ignore any messages that might appear saying there is a problem with the cartridge.

6. Now the cartridge needed to be taken out of the printer and remove the tape from the left corner and then tape over the contact squares on the top right corner. Then place the cartridge back in and run another alignment page.

7. This time the user need to remove and reinsert the cartridge again with no tape on any of the contacts and then check to see if the printer recognizes the cartridge as being full.

8. The user is requested to repeat the above steps if the cartridge still shown as being empty. But this time he or she needs to use the bottom corner contact squares instead of the top ones.

Following these steps would resolve the issue without any hassle and the user can be satisfied with the HP printer ink cartridge 61.

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