How to connect iPad To HP Printer Wireless?

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Connect iPad to hp Wireless printer and take the print out

If you need to take a print out from wireless hp printer through iPad, you got to connect the iPad to hp wireless printer but you need to know how to connect iPad to hp printer wireless, then, you have come at the right place and go through following to connect your printer to the iPad:

Check out the following before connecting the iPad with the HP Printer:

A. Check if your printer supports AirPrint:

AirPrint is a technology that is provided into Apple devices that helps to create high quality printed output and you need not to install or download drivers.

B. AirPrint works with most of the wireless printers, you can check out the list of Compatible printer on the website of Apple. However, one can go through the Shortcut by simply connecting the ipad with hp printer and if after establishing the connection it shows the hp printer in the list, then, you can proceed to print job.

C. AirPrint might show the error message “No AirPrint devices found”  it might happen if the printer has run out of ink or the printer shows some other error message on the control panel but before jumping to this conclusion, go through following steps and try to do the Print job.

Ensure that you have set up the printer on the wireless network, if you need assistance to connect your wireless hp printer, you can contact the customer care and get the assistance. Once you have configured your printer on the wireless, the next step is to set up AirPrint:

Tap on Wi-Fi network of your modem and connect your iPad to the same wireless network as your printer. Select the app that you want to print from. Go through following steps to do the print job.

Steps to print with AirPrint:

Using following steps, you can view or cancel your print job:

Using the App Switcher, you can view your print jobs and cancel those.

To view a print job, you got to open the app switcher with the following steps:

With app switcher, you can switch apps on iPad. Go through the following steps.

The process is you can swipe up from the bottom of the iPad to the middle of the screen.

Hold till it displays the App Switcher.

However, if you need to cancel a job, you can go through following steps:

If you need to restart the print job, you can go through the steps that have been given here to start your print job. However, if hp wireless printer is not being shown on your iPad, then, you can contact the tech support team of Apple.

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