How To Book Wheelchair Reservations On Turkish Airlines

A Brief Guide On How To Book Wheelchair Reservations On Turkish Airlines

Health inconveniences can happen all the time but that does not mean that you can board your flight at all. However, if your physical state does not allow you to travel at all then it is better not to think about executing your travel plans in the near future.  Another thing that is also important that many airlines do provide special assistance to physically incapable due to health issues or differently able-d passengers to make their journey plans intact and going smoothly.

When it comes to Turkish Airlines, the airline’s professionals pay extra attention to patients, differently abled passengers and other passengers who are capable of making limited body motions. The Turkish professionals are determined to provide such passengers maximum comfort during their travel and that too without any restrictions. So if you are also thinking to make your reservation with this airline under such circumstances then here’s what you need to know about Turkish Airlines wheelchair reservation.

Important Guidelines From The Wheelchair Reservation Of Turkish Airlines

The following are the major guidelines from the wheelchair policy of Turkish Airlines that you need to know before making your reservations.

1. Flight Boarding Restrictions By Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines does not allow every patient to travel in its flights due to international flight rules and to avoid any heath related risks.

Passengers that do not have any contagious health issue or travel restrictions imposed by the doctors can travel on Turkish Airlines flights. However, they’ll need to provide the relevant medical document within 10 days prior to their scheduled departure to avail medical assistance and wheelchair services.

Passengers with temporarily limited motion capability can board the Turkish Airlines flights with or without a companion depending on their medical conditions.

2. Travelling With Companion: Important Guidelines

Physically handicapped passengers who can handle their personal needs during the flight time can travel with a companion. On the contrary, those who cannot handle their own personal needs will have to travel with a companion during the travel time.

Mentally handicapped passengers must be handled by a companion at all times during the flight duration as per the Turkish Airlines guidelines.

Passengers with hearing & visual disabilities must travel with a companion. However, if the passengers are only hearing-impaired then they can travel without a companion and medical document.

3. Medical Equipment & Medication Guidelines

Turkish Airlines avails some of the essential medicines and medical equipment on its flights including wheelchair assistance. However, passengers can bring their own personalized or doctor-approved equipment and medicines on Turkish Airlines flights.

Turkish Airlines do not allow the passengers to bring their own oxygen tank during the flight due to the security measures. However, the airlines does provide oxygen tank along with a medical certificate and the medical oxygen supply as per the passenger’s medical report. But the passengers are required to make their respective oxygen inquiries within 48 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure

Passengers travelling with their personal respirator, POC or CPAP machines have to make sure that their devices are FAA approved. In addition, they can also their own devices as per their needs except during take-off and landing of Turkish Airlines flights

Therefore, the aforementioned guidelines from the Turkish airlines wheelchair policy are the major ones. Now, here’s how you can make your wheelchair reservation on Turkish Airlines.

Steps To Make Wheel Chair Reservation On Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines transfer its passengers who possess the requirement of stretcher or wheelchair from its flights to the airport and from the airport to flights with special assistance of its attendants. However, the passengers have to make request for wheelchair or stretcher via the reservation channels of the Turkish Airlines within 48 hours prior to their scheduled departure. Here’s how.

Call on the Turkish Airlines Manage Booking helpline of Turkish Airlines and follow the on-call instructions to get in touch with the travel expert

Discuss the booking details with the expert and then make your wheelchair request with the help of travel professional

Confirm the request and get the confirmation email from the airline

Turkish Airlines prioritize the passenger’s check in, passport and boarding procedures that have made their request with the airline for wheelchair and other special services. Therefore, this was all the information on how to book wheelchair assistance in Turkish Airlines, if you have any, queries, doubts or feedbacks regarding the same then feel free to get in touch with the reservation centre of the airline. The Turkish airline’s dedicated travel experts will surely help you out with making wheelchair reservations and assist you with the best solutions as well.

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