Activate Ms Office In Some Easy Steps

MS office is the most popular documentation, report preparation, and presentation software package that comprises of different software. As per the available data, MS office is presently used by a whopping 1.2 billion people worldwide. Besides, the software package is actively used in 60 million offices which growing by 50,000 new commercial customers every year. The software package has been loaded 350 million times till the end of 2016. The statistics are a clear reflection of the products mind-boggling popularity and utility.

How To Activate MS Office 2016 With Product Key?

For a hazardless activation of MS Office, you have to ensure that the system in your mobile, PC, Windows or Laptop meets the basic system requirements. To know the system requirement in details, Access: In this page, you will get to the left of MS Office 2016 product name. From the same page, you can learn about the system requirements for various mobile devices. At the same time, if you are not possessing a Microsoft account, then create a new account before buying MS Office 2016.

The process of creating a Microsoft account is as follows:

  1. Access
  2. You now need to type your first name and last name in the specified fields
  3. Tap on the option “Get a new email address
  4. Fill up the blank fields as asked in the form
  5. Use a relevant user id and a strong password
  6. Click on Create account

You have to use this created email id and password for activating or using MS Office.

In the case of some limited time offers, pre-installed copies are available from the product’s site. But always keep in mind that this pre-installed copies will not run forever. The system will inform you about the time period within which you have to buy the product and acquire a product key.

So, the product key is important, you have to collect the key in the following way:

1. Click on the start button and select MS Office option from the Dropdown Menu.
2. A window will get opened, there choose the “Activate” window.
3. You will be asked to furnish the 25-character product key. The product is available with your product package in a small card attached with it, if not available, contact your retailer for the same. If you have purchased it online, the online retailer will send the product key to your email address.
4. Enter the product key on the computer and click the next button.
5. Here, you will be asked to sign in with your Microsoft account.
6. One sign in, you will be able to manage MS Office 2016. You have to install the product as directed.
7. Your MS Office will be ready for use as per the terms and conditions.

Activating MS Office 2016 on Mac

The activation process on Mac is slightly different from that of Windows. Here are the steps to be followed:

You have to download and install office on the computer. Remember, mere downloading will not activate the software package.
Click the Launchpad to view all the available apps in your system. Click on any one of the MS Office software like MS Word.
Now click on Get Started and then Sign in.
The system will inspect the validity of your activation license and then will activate the product.
Choose a theme for your installed Office package and start using the software.

The activation system over the telephone is closed in most of the countries where MS Office is used or available. The only option is to activate through the internet. If the proper steps are not followed, or you fail to furnish activation key in correct order, the system may show MS Office Activation Failed notice. So, make sure the following actions:

1. The activation key is typed correctly on the specified box, a single error may nullify the whole process.
2. Use the correct email id and password. If you have a multiple of email id and password, then don’t get confused. Use the perfect one that is registered with this MS Office package.
3. You have to install all the software one by one.
4. MS Office activation phone number may not work in your area as in most countries this facility is disabled. 

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