How Many Qantas Points to Upgrade to Business?

Travelling is considered to be an adventure that involves trials and errors. And airlines play a very vital role in making travel easy, convenient, and affordable. At the same time, passengers also want their airline to offer a comfortable seat when travelling.

So, this wish has been fulfilled by Qantas Airlines. This airline has always gone a step forward to satisfy their passengers. Also, the airline has introduced a frequent flyer program that helps passengers and benefits them in many ways. Let us make you aware of some of the services that are rendered by Qantas Airlines for the passengers.

Types of Upgrade Qantas Airlines!

  1. The aircraft is so designed that all the domestic flights are provided with two cabins while all the international flights consist of first, business, premium economy, and economy class. 
  2. The passengers are provided with the best-in-class entertainment by giving free wifi, LCD screen with headphones. 
  3. Qantas Airways also has introduced a frequent flyer program for its loyal customers and gives them benefits when travelling. 
  4. With the help of the managed travel option, a passenger can even manage his reservations based on the situation. 

So, if you have booked your flight with Qantas Airlines and then realize that there is quite an interesting offer for business class. And if you wish to upgrade your booking but don't know how many Qantas points for a flight then you can refer to the information further.

Guide to Get Upgraded to Business Class with Accumulated Qantas Points! 

The first thing that you should know is that the number of points required for an upgrade depends upon the type of fare that you are choosing along with the destination. However, you will need quite a fewer number of points when upgrading to business class. And these are discussed below.

  1. If you are covering 0-600 miles and want it to upgrade then you will be requiring 10,000 points from discount economy to business, 7000 from premium to business, and 12000 from economy to business. 
  2. And if you are travelling under 601-1200 miles then you need 17,500 points to upgrade from economy to business, 10,500 from premium economy to business, and 7,500 from flexible economy to business class. 
  3. When covering 1201-2400 miles then you will need 10,000 for the flexible economy or premium economy classes to business class upgrade. 
  4. And at the last when you happen to travel between 2401-3600 miles than 35,000 from economy to business class and 15000 from premium economy to business class. 

So, with the help of the above information, you come to know how many Qantas points to upgrade to business and then choose wisely to upgrade. Also one should not forget that the points may differ depending upon the type of your travel and destination. But, if you do not know how to make an upgrade with Qantas Airways then you shall not panic. You can follow the steps below. 

Steps to Know How to Upgrade the Flight with Qantas Airways! 

  1. Open the official website from the web browser that you prefer from the search bar. 
  2. Tap on the “Manage Booking” option from the navigation bar and enter the booking number and last name.
  3. When you find the reservation, tap on it and choose “Edit Booking” option. 
  4. Choose “Upgrade Booking” and your cabin will be automatically updated to business class. 
  5. Proceeding further, you need to check the changes in the fare. And when paying the changes, you can tap “Pay using Qantas Miles”. 
  6. And the changes will be mailed to you over the email. 

In case, you require any further help then you can contact the customer service and apply for Qantas Airlines Reservations

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