How Many Points To Get Free Tickets On Southwest

What are the ways to earn points in Southwest Flight?

For all those flying to USA, Southwest Airline is one of the most popular flights people usually prefer. Based in USA, Southwest Airline is a low budget air carrier offering flights at highly reasonable price. So if you are looking forward to on budget trip to USA, Southwest has got best of deals.

Southwest Award Flights:

Apart from offering low-cost flight tickets, there are other schemes and deals that every Southwest flight offers to its passengers. One such deal is Southwest Award points if you want to book Southwest Airlines cheap flightsIf you are one of the oldest customers of Southwest having taken lots of flight from the same airline, you are eligible for award points. Southwest award flights are known as ‘RAPID REWARDS’. Once you have collected enough points you can use it to buy tickets. Usually southwest only offer award flights of low cost mostly in economy class.

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Minimum Requirement for Southwest Award points

There are many ways other than booking flight tickets to earn RAPID REWARD flights because we can’t keep flying by air all the time. There is a fixed number of points on which basis, southwest allow its passengers to book flight ticket free of cost.  To know more as how many points to get free tickets on Southwest, refer to below details.

1. Use a Southwest Credit Card:

You can use credit cards to sign up bonus for award points faster than flying every time. Although Southwest Airline doesn’t allow using its credit card directly

2. Points through daily expenses:

If you have a credit card being issued by Southwest, you can earn one point on every dollar you spend. Moreover, you also earn an extra point on the first transaction in your card from your bank account.

3. Earning points from Non-Southwest Credit Cards:

Apart from authorized cards of Southwest, you can earn points on every penny you pay for daily expenses such as food, travel, entertainment etc. such cards have a certain limit up to which you Qualify for sign up bonus thus earning enough points.

4. Online shopping on Southwest online portal:

Southwest’s Rapid reward program has its own online shopping portal which gives even more chances to earn points on everything that you shop.

5. Book Southwest flight:

The most common and easiest way of earning points is booking flight tickets. Although it’s not really possible to take flights everywhere you go but still you can earn much more on flights than these other alternatives

6. Always prefer booking flight in higher class:

Usually people prefer travelling in economy class to save more money on expensive tickets. But if you want to earn travel points, always prefer travelling in business class. Being the reason that, economy class gives less point as compared to business class. Hence choose your seat wisely.

7. Book rental cars through rapid reward points:

On vacation, while doing local sightseeing we often end up moving to multiple places hence it’s always advised to take any rental vehicle and explore places peacefully. Thus if you book rental cars through Southwest partners, you can earn points on every booking.

8. Buying Vacation Package:

If you are travelling and want to do advance booking of tickets and hotel all at once, then its better advised to take any travel package that involves everything from hotel to tickets, meals as well as local sightseeing. You don’t only earn points but also save a lot on money on bookings.

9. Pay electricity bill and earn points:

By paying electricity bill online you can earn certain points to add in your collection

10. Book hotels with Southwest partners and earn money:

If you book hotel with any third party or site associated with Southwest, then you can earn award points.

Thus you can get all the points to give online if you search how do I use my Southwest points to book a flight on any portal. Furthermore, in case of any doubt, contact Southwest manage booking.

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