How do I get a refund from Azul

Process To Get A Refund from Azul Airline

You have to fill out the Azul airlines refund request on the official website of Azul airline ( to get a refund after you cancel your flight tickets. You can get the details regarding “How do I get a refund from Azul” on the official website where you can read the terms and conditions even before booking the tickets so that you do not face any problems at a later stage. You get a refund on refundable fares only and you can check the Azul airlines refund status on the official website of the airline. The non-refundable flights provide you the facility of refund under certain conditions only. The Azul airlines refund policy is as under-

  • You get a full refund on the refundable and non-refundable flight tickets if you cancel the tickets within 24 hours of the booking
  • When you file the Azul airlines refund request form you get a full refund if the airline cancels the flight due to any reason.
  • You get a full refund if your flight is delayed for more than 5 hours.
  • You can apply for a refund after you cancel your flight booking and pay the cancellation charges if applicable.
  • According to the Azul airlines refund policy, you do not get a refund on non-refundable flight tickets

The policy regarding “How do I get a refund from Azul” is mentioned on the official website where you get the information of your Azul airlines refund status as well and if you are not able to understand any of the terms or conditions then you can contact the customer care representative to get a solution to your doubts or issues.

Methods to get a refund through Azul airlines refund request

You get a refund in the original form of payment. You can book your flight tickets in cash, debit card, or credit card. According to the Azul airlines refund policy, you have to provide your details at the time of filling out the refund application form. The three modes of refund are discussed below-

Cash payment

 If the tickets were booked through the ticket counter in cash and you fill the Azul airlines refund request form, the airline issues a cheque in the name of the passenger on whose name the tickets were booked. You can collect the cheque from the ticket booking counter or the airline sends it to the address mentioned at the time of filing the refund application form.

Debit card payment

The Azul airlines refund policy says that the airline transfers the refund amount in the bank account number attached with the debit card of the passenger. It is the fastest way to get a refund from the airline as the refund amount is transferred within 24 hours of applying for a refund.

Credit card Payment

The refund amount is transferred to the bank account attached to the credit card that was used at the time of booking the flight. It takes 7 to 8 working days to transfer the amount of refund to the credit card.

You get an answer to your question of “How do I get a refund from Azul” through a very simple process of filling out the Azul airlines refund request form that is provided on the official website of the airline. You can take help from the customer care representative to know the Azul airlines refund status or if you get stuck at any stage of the process of completing the refund process according to the Azul airlines refund policy.

Gain Essential Advice To Get a Refund on Azul Airlines

The flag carrier airline of Sao Paulo, Azul airlines, offers a unique flight booking service on its official booking website page. It allows you to book a flight ticket online in advance and earn a maximum discount to manage your flight significantly. Likewise, suppose you are thinking about how you would get a refund. In that case, you need to go through the Azul Airlines refund policy that would assist you in canceling your flight and sending a refund request at a particular time appropriately. It will be essential to understand the refund policy that you can after the flight cancellation and use that refund to book the next available flight to your desired destination at any time.

Azul Airlines Refund Policy

Learn the refund policy on Azul Airlines:

  • When you initiate the cancelation process within 24 hours after the flight booking, you can send a refund request that you can get within a week quickly,
  • If you have canceled a refundable flight ticket on the same website, you can request a refund at no cost and get a smooth refund in your account.
  • It is essential to select the refund tab to check the refund status that you can get depending on the booking methods and get the refund soon.
  • If you have paid in debit or credit card for your booking, you can get the refund within 10 to 14 working days but if you have paid by cash or cheque, get your refund within twenty working days.

Is it possible to get a refund if a flight is canceled by Azul Airlines?

It is pretty standard when your flight is canceled by the airline, and in that case, you can claim compensation quickly. If your flight is delayed by three hours and canceled without any prior information, you can get your refund soon. So If you ask how can I get a full refund if Azul cancels my flight, you can send a refund request using email and mention the valid reason to get your refund instantly. You can also use a phone call to discuss the refund after the flight cancellation by the airline and seek support quickly.

Azur Airlines Cancellation Fee:

When you prefer to know the cancelation fee before flight cancellation, you can get in touch with a customer representative who can assist you with Azul Airlines cancellation fee at any time. If you have booked a domestic flight, you have to pay $20 to $75 per head, and on the international flight, you have to pay more than $500 per head.

For additional help related to Azur Airlines refund policy, contact the customer representatives who can assist you at any time.

Frequently Ask Question (FAQs)- Azul Airlines Refund

Question 1: What are Azul Airlines' Refund Policies?

Answer: While you get your Azul air ticket to cancel, you will have to be sure with some policies under which you will get refunded from Azul airlines for your canceled flight ticket. 

  • According to Azul airlines refund policy, the passenger who cancels the flight ticket within 24-hours of purchase will get 100% refunds
  • On the other hand, if a passenger cancels the ticket after free-window time, then on cancellation, you will get charged over your booking according to fare type and destination
  • Finally, if you used to cash or check for a booking ticket, you will get refunds 15-20 days. And if payment is made via credit card or online mode, it will take 7-10 business days.

Question 2: How can I get a refund from Azul?

Answer: Now, if you need to get a refund from Azul airlines, you will have to follow some basic steps by which you will get refunds.

First of all, go to the airline's official website

Then click on manage my booking tab

Now you will enter your canceled ticket reference number and last name of the passenger and continue 

Next page, you will have to tap over the refund form option;

  • Here first enter passenger complete contact detail
  • Then select trip type
  • Now click over the refund menu and select refund reason 
  • Next, tap on the terms and conditions button and submit, and at last, you will receive a confirmation email. 

Question 3: What are the methods to Azul refund Requests?

  • Online website platform: With the help of the official website of Azul Airlines. You can visit manage my booking page for Azul airlines refund request and start the refund process via this method.
  • Contact customer service team: Sometimes, it stuck when you cancel your reservation via an online platform. So in such a case, contact the Azul customer service team via phone or by live chat option through which you will get assisted efficiently.

Question 4: How to cancel a flight on Azul Airline?

Answer: When you plan to fly overseas, there are some hindrances like sudden plan change or health issues or moreover you will notice bad weather condition then Azul cancel flight, is the best way to get out of this scenario and get your refunds.

  • Go to manage booking page via the website
  • Then enter the PNR number and last name of the passenger and search 
  • Now select your booking and click on the cancel option 
  • Next, you have to type cancel reason within 1000 characters and submit 
  • At last, you will receive a confirmation email for ticket cancellation.

Question: 5 How to check Azul's refund status?

Answer: If you need to check whether the refund process started or not, you will have to manage your booking tab for looking at Azul airline refund status by entering your refund reference number and passenger's last name in appropriate fields.

Question: 6 How much are the refund charges on Azul?

Answers: However, while you cancel your reservation at Azul airlines, there are some additional Azul Airlines refund charges, which you will have to pay off, which completely depends upon your booking type and destination, and charges start from $100 to $250, and it may vary accordingly.

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