How Do I Contact Thai Airways?

How to Get In Touch With the Customer Services at Thai Airways

Time management and flight management are the two most important aspects for any travel plans. Besides, any last minute changes can be quite troubling for many passengers and this is why they look for options that can help them without any hassle. Hence, many airlines provide great way to avail satisfactory customer services via their dedicated assistants. When it comes to Thai Airways, the airline has been operating its services in more than 35 destinations and 78 destinations including its top notch customer services.

So, if you have been thinking how do I contact Thai Airways then read this article further and find different ways to contact the airline’s customer services. Besides, you’ll also be guided with the top services offered by the airline’s customer services as well.

Top Services Offered By Thai Airlines Customer Services

The following are the top services that you can avail after contacting the customer services at Thai Airways.

Thai Airways Flight Booking and Reservations

Although, Thai Airways lets you book its flight tickets online and at the airport, you face any issues while going through the online ticketing process, you can call on the Thai Airways Reservation Number and get your tickets booked with the help of experts.

Thai Airways Baggage & Extra Service Allowances

In case, if you wish to include extra services such as meals, in-flight entertainment, and even extra baggage to your itinerary. You can simply dial on the helpline number and get your extra services booked into your bookings with the assistance of Thai Airways customer service professionals.

Thai Airways Cancellations, Seat Upgrades, Refunds, Flight Change & Much More

Moreover, for any guidelines on the Thai Airways’ cancellations, flight change and refunds, you can simply dial on the Thai Airways customer service number and get to know about them. Besides, this will also help you in making your last minute changes such as cancellations, seat upgrades and flight changes easier and better. But make sure to contact the customer services within 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure.

Top Ways To Contact That Airways Customer Services

The following are the top ways to connect with the That Airways professional customer service assistants.

Thai Airways Helpline Number

The Thai Airways customer service number is the swiftest way to connect with the customer services assistants and get on-call help from the live person. The airline has top professionals who will help you with your reservations and make them better in every way possible.

Thai Airways Customer Service

Tel : (662) 356-1111

Fax: (662) 356-2222

Social Media Contacts

Facebook Link:

Twitter Link:

Via Email

The email support is also another way to connect with the professionals and all you need to do is to compose an email, mention all your issues regarding your Thai Airways reservations and send it to the airline’s customer services. Hereafter, the customer services professionals will review it and call you to assist you with the issues.

E-Mail: contact (at)

Moreover, you can also get in touch via chat support with the customer service assistants without any issue. However, the Thai Airways Reservation Number is the quickest and most reliable way to get connected with the airline’s top-notch airline’s customer services.

Customer Relations:

Building 6, 11th Floor, Head Office

Tel  :   (662) 545-4216,  (662) 545-4217
Fax  :  (662) 545-3841
E-mail : customer (at)

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