Google Adwords Account Suspended What To Do

Google - it is an American multinational company that specializes in internet, mainly based on the online advertising technology search, cloud computing, software and hardware.

Google Adword – is and advertising tool which is brought in use by small and medium size businesses however this is a, major concern for more as it may lead to problem because of its quality and the transparency, as they ensure that the relevant keyword should be included. One of the major concerns if they have received the mail stating that their account is suspended, it is a major concern to get the account reinstated.

Reasons why Google Adwords Account might get suspended and how to avoid the same -

If your advertising is click based, regarding the same if you are on dispute about the money you owe and if they disagree with you, this might result in a problem and indeed they might end up suspending the account. The best solution is that if primarily you depend on them then just pay them otherwise, one might end paying more to get the account re-instate.

If they feel that you are just collecting emails and leads by just asking them on a form, if there is no clarity for the reason of advert then in that case you are close to get the account suspended – one has to be clear with the policies and then they can also use e-book or they can also get the white paper also approved and this must be done very tactfully.

What to do if the Google Account Gets Suspended –

1. First and foremost need to know reason beyond the suspension of the account, speak to the Google support representative someone who understand and see if there is any chance to get the account re – instate try everything to get to that step.

2. Have a good SEO quality team for working for you, this means to have a website with a quality content, if the sight has a good ranking on the Google

3. If nothing is working then follow the steps laid down – Delete everything with the suspended account keywords, domain, domain registration and so forth.

  • If you were cheating the policies then work with transparency and change the business model.
  • Prepare a new domain, brand new sight and make sure the content is attractive to rate it as number 1
  • New legal entity – new credit card under a new billing address.
  • Register a new domain name
  • Get a new hosting account and put your sight on the same
  • Create a new sight on Wordpress
  • Create a new Ad word campaign, new keyword ads,
  • Now after doing all the above, sign up for a new Google Account and get that same on the Ad words

All you need to make sure that the business model is transparent and the SEO quality is really good.

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