Condor Airlines Cancellation Policy

Cancellation, Refund & Change Flight Policies Of Condor Airlines: An Overview

Considering canceling your reservations on Condor Airlines? Or wish to change them? Well, under both scenarios, it is important to understand the important guidelines to make your last-minute changes better. However, flight cancellations can be quite troubling at times as they are unavoidable in certain ways. But, flight changes are a much better option than cancellations as you may have to pay the fare differences (if applicable), but still you can ensure your further travel with the airline.

When it comes to Condor Airlines, the Frankfurt-based, German airline is quite flexible with its travel policies including cancellations, flight changes and refunds as well. One can easily take considerable benefits of its policy guidelines to make their travel plans better. Therefore, read this post further to know about the Condor airlines cancellation policy and other guidelines from the airline’s refunds & change flight.

Cancellation Policy of Condor Airlines: Important Guidelines

Here are the most important points from the Condor Airlines flight cancellation policy that you should know before cancelling your flights.

·         In the event, if you have made your reservations on Condor Airlines 7 days or less prior to your flight departure, and also cancel them within 24 hours or later after the ticket purchase date, then you may will not pay the cancellation charges.

·         You’ll need to notify the Condor Airlines regarding your flight cancellations before you confirm the decision of not to travel. Otherwise, you’ll not be eligible for the refunds and total amount of your ticket purchase will be voided.

·         As per the Condor airlines cancellation policy, of you cancel your entire trip within the 72 hours or less before the flight departure, then you’ll be responsible for the total cost of the trip.

·         If the cancellations are made after 72 hours or more, then the refunds will be provided depending upon your Condor Airlines booking itinerary, plus 15% processing fee will also be deducted from the ticket purchase amount.

Refund & Change Policy Of Condor Airlines

·        As per the Condor airlines refund and change policy, the airline does not provide refunds for lost services, scheduled booked visits, meals services or any unused accommodations from the resort booking services.

·        As per the refunds policy, Condor Airlines also provides you full/partial refunds on your cancellations made within the 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure date depending upon the time of cancellations and fare type.

·         Condor Airlines lets you make two changes in your bookings after the itineraries you have been provided refunds for any confirmed and prepaid services.

·         Plus, the airline also charges a fee of $25/person and per change on their Condor bookings.

·         If the flight tickets are purchased on behalf of other customers, then no refunds will be provided, plus no modifications will allowed to be made unless authorized by Condor Airlines. However, the change fees will also be applicable.

Cancelations Policy, Flight Delay & Cancellation Compensation On Condor Airlines: Guide

Looking for information on the cancellation guidelines, flight delay & cancellation guidelines on of Condor Airlines? Well then you have landed on the right post. Here’ you’ll be provided all the necessary info about the Condor airlines cancellation policy, and compensation under flight delay & cancellation circumstances. Hence, read further.

Important Guidelines From The Cancellation Policy of Condor Airlines

·       As per the cancellation guidelines, Condor Airlines lets you cancel your reservations within 24 hours or later after your ticket purchase date without charging its cancellation fee. Besides, your Condor flight tickets must be booked 7 days or less before your flight’s departure date.

·       In addition, you are also required to notify the airline in regards of your trip cancellations before continuing with the decision of not to travel anymore. Otherwise, as per the Condor airlines cancellation policy, you’ll not given any refunds and also your ticket purchase amount will be nullified.

·       In the event of your entire trip cancellations within the 72 hours or less before your Condor flight’s departure, you’ll be responsible for the total cost of your reservations.

·       Moreover, if you cancel your Condor flight tickets after 72 hours or more, then the refund amount that’ll be provided to you will depend upon your itinerary, and also 15% processing fee will also be charged from the ticket purchase amount.

Now, have a look at the guidelines for Condor Flight Delay Compensation here.

Flight Delay Compensation on Condor Airlines

·       As per the EC 261 (European Travel Law), if any airline including Condor Airlines causes any flight delay of 3 hours or more due to natural & technical issues to its passengers, then they are entitled to up to $700 as in compensation.

·       In some extraordinary circumstances passengers may not be entitled to the Condor Flight Delay Compensation such as bad weather or any other issues at the airport. However, if your Condor flights re delayed due to technical issues or an airline staff strike, then as per the EC 261, you are entitled to compensation on the airline.

·         Plus, you’ll have up to 3 years to make your claim for flight delay compensation on Condor Airlines. Besides, you can do this online on the airlines official website or contact its customer services to check eligibility for cash compensation as well.

Flight Cancellation Compensation On Condor Airlines

·         In the event, if your flight is cancelled due to any natural or technical reasons, then you’ll be entitled to Condor Flight Cancellation Compensation, according to which the airline is supposed to provide you its alternative flight to your destination. Or else, you can ask for refund as per your preference to the airline.

·         In case, if you have been informed about your flight cancellations within 14 days or less prior to the flight departure, then you can claim up to $700 per person as in compensation to Condor Airlines.

·         If Condor Airlines cancels its flights, then it’ll either attempt to rebook you on its another flight without imposing any additional charges, or you can make request for further changes, if you are not comfortable flying on the airline’s another flight. The same is applicable if you no longer wish to travel to your destination.

·         Moreover, if you’re new flight lands at the departure airport within the similar duration of departure time of your original flight, then Condor Airlines is not supposed to pay you its compensation.

Moreover, if you still wish to know about the Condor Flight Cancellation Compensation, flight delay compensation, and the cancellation policy, then contact the airline’s customer services.

Contact Condor Airlines Customer Services For More Information

If you wish to know more about the Condor airlines reservations, refund and change policycancellations etc., then contact its customer services, and talk to the executives. They will surely help you out on your queries with the best information.

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