Can I take my Dog on Spirit of Tasmania

Yes, you can carry your dog on Spirit of Tasmania. It allows dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, some birds, ferrets, chickens and ducks along with its passengers. However, biosecurity restrictions are likely to be applied to dogs and ferrets entering Tasmania. They must be treated for Hydatid Tape Worm within 14 days prior to entering Tasmania. We request you dial the official number of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment to know more about the pet policies.

What is the Cost of Spirit of Tasmania? 

The cost of Spirit of Tasmania fluctuates on the basis of demand and availability. It has high demand during the Christmas and the New Year. However, the fare of Spirit of Tasmania ranges from $190 and $289 each way. And the car cost $89 each way.

Which animals are not permitted on board? 

There are animals which are not allowed to travel on board Spirit of Tasmania, and the range comprises amphibians (i.e. frogs), reptiles, birds, water-based animals (i.e. fish, yabbies, and tortoises), Spiders, Pigeons, Worms, Doves, and Rodents. Do you still have the question – can I take my dog on Spirit of Tasmania? If yes, you are supposed to have a word with the Spirit Airlines Reservations official.

What is the time required for a Spirit of Tasmania trip?

The voyage takes around 11 hours on days of single sailings, and 9 hours on days of double sailings. Nevertheless, the onboard Spirit of Tasmania trip takes around 9 to 11 hours.

Can I book Spirit Pets Kennel? 

You are supposed to book a kennel if you are sailing with a pet. You should book per pet unless the carried animal is a mother with pups or kittens. The kennels of Spirit of Tasmania are located on ventilated decks. Regular checks will be done throughout the sailing and fresh water is supplied to the pets. Interestingly, bedding is not provided to the pets. If the carried animal is small in sizes, such as guinea pigs, rabbits, birds or chickens, you are requested to carry it in its own cage if you are not traveling on Spirit of Tasmania with dogs. However, the carried cage needs to be placed inside the kennel.

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