How To Enable Pop Up Blocker On Safari

Enabling Pop – up Blocker on Safari

There are many different ways to enable pop-up blockers on Safari. The different ways are:

1. Stopping pop-up ads in Safari

The users need to learn how to stop the pop-up ads on their Safari. However, Pop-up ads are the advertisements that open either on the browser window or in another tab or as a graphic element within the same window and to control these pop-ups the user need to make sure that the software is updated. There are certain pop-ups which pretend to be from Apple to trick the user by giving personal information. Such popups might even show the user an alert stating that there is a problem with the product.

2. Updating the Software

The Apple users are always recommend to update the software on their Apple products including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and also Mac. Moreover, updating software include improvements that help control pop-up advertisements.

3. Closing pop-up ads on Safari

The best way to block the pop–up ads on the Safari is to close the pop-up ads that opens while browsing.

For the users, using Safari 9.1, he or she needs to

  • Press the Close button on the pop-up
  • If the pop-up reappears or fails to close then he or she need to click on the tab or close the entire Safari window

For the users, using Safari 9 (prior to version 9.1), then

  • The user first need to select the checkbox of the pop-up which includes "Don't show more alerts from this webpage" before closing the pop-up

For the users, using earlier version of Safari or the pop-up won’t close in Safari 9:

  • Then he or she needs to Force Safari to close
  • The next time the user open Safari needs to hold down the Shift key while Safari opens and that will prevent Safari from automatically reopening any windows

Note: The users need to choose About Safari in the Safari menu to check the version number and then follow the steps accordingly

4. Pop up Blocker on Apple Safari not Working

Installation of adware on the Mac might stop the pop up blocker on apple safari to work. Inspite of following the above steps, if the pop-ups continues to persist on the system then it is evident that the user might have inadvertently downloaded and installed adware (advertising-supported software). Some software which are downloaded from certain third-party download sites might contain both the software and the adware.

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